Test BIOS for Maximus Z790 Apex

BIOS Ver. 0051

renesas pmic high voltage mode with no vdroop now, also fix 1.4V ~ 1.47V might not operate with precise voltage issue.

increase tWTR_L and tWTR_S upper limit value in BIOS setup, now you can set it up to 63.

tWRRD_sg = 2 + tCWL + 8 (DDR5) + tWTR_L, you still can manual tWRRD_sg byself to 511.

tWRRD_dg = tCWL + 8 + tWTR_S + 2, you still can manual tWRRD_dg byself to 511.

due to intel code limitation, mrc auto calculate can’t get odd value in gear2.