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  1. also forgot to mention my Load Line Calibration is set to Level 6. instead of the Auto Level 7.

  2. Thanks.. My APEX Z790 board came in Friday and I thought I had a bad board since Games kept crashing when launched. It turns out it was because SVID Behavior setting was defaulted to “Best Case Scenario” instead of Auto or typical, which give a higher voltage, than the undervolted best case scenario. However with my light Over clock 5.8GHz on 6 P-Cores and 6Ghz on 2* P-Cores, With the SVID Behavior set to “typical”, my Core voltage is running at 1.45-1.5v at idle/light load!- Do I need to switch this to “Auto” and adjust Load Line Calibration or something else? Im new to overclocking and am limited on my knowledge of Voltage settings to increase stability. I have a 13900ks CPU. Also, what should be more stable XMP1 or XMP Tweaked? Thank you very much for your time!

    1. apex use XMP I.
      voltage issue might need to fine tune byself, auto voltage can’t cover all manual settings and scenario. you can according AI voltage predict to set manual voltage and fine tune

      1. Thank you sir, I am new to Overclocking CPU and trying to learn the best I can. What settings should I look for for when dealing with Voltage? Right now I’ve been following a simple manual overclock from “Skatterbencher” on Youtube for the 13900ks.

        1. manual cpu vcore voltage, to check all core loading minimum requirement. after that to find 6GHz p-core voltage requirement by per core usage.

  3. Stable memory overclocks from bios version 0031 will still work in beta 0903?
    thx for your affort!


      I think it refers to the WHEA errors some users are getting. I myself hope to have solved by disabling pcie power management.
      All with Apex 790, 13900ks and 7200 a-die kit

  4. @bianbao im on 0031 are there 2 streets/avenues for betas/bios? sorry for naive question and thank you!

  5. Thank you for this website you have. I currently have a 13900ks/MSI Meg Z790 Ace motherboard with a max supported DDR5 of 7200, which is the G.Skill Kit I run at XMP. I ordered an Asus ROG Maximus Z790 APEX motherboard from the UK, since none were in stock in the US and it will be here by this coming Monday at the earliest. I also picked up a G.Skill DDR5 7800 kit from newegg. Is this correct in that my order of operations should be 1. Install Windows 11 via USB 2.install Intel ME Driver 3. Install Intel ME Firmware 4.Install latest Beta BIOS 0903 4.enable XMP1 or should I try one of the 8000mhz memory presets in the BIOS?

    Am I missing any steps or have the order wrong? Thank you for all your time!

    1. the steps are correct, test XMP 1 to check stable and raise the clock after stable check.

      1. I received and setup my Asus ROG Maximus Z790 APEX last night and was able to get 7800mhz GSkill 32GB kit stable with XMP Tweaked(haven’t tried XMP 1 or 2 yet) and also stable with the two star P-Cores at standard 6Ghz and the remaining regular 6 p cores OCed form 5.6ghz to 5.8 ghz. 1-2 cores 6Ghz, 3-8 cores 5.8Ghz. My max temp doing the stress test on the CPU-Z benchmark is 90C. I have SVID behavior set to “Auto” as “best case scenario” is unstable in games. Turbo Voltage set to 1.43v initially to make sure im stable, but should be able to reduce that some. My average idle/light load core voltage seems to be around 1.35v. Should I try 5.9Ghz for when 3-6 cores are active or just try 5.9ghz when 3-4cores are active? I leave my E-Cores synced to 4.3Ghz to provide more headroom to OC my P cores, as gaming is my main concern. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the Beta BIOS 0903, its working great!

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