Test BIOS for Maximus Z790 Apex

BIOS Ver. 0031

update ucode to 0x113

update rc version to 0C.00.A2.40

update mrc version to

before you use this version BIOS, make sure update ME FW first in windows.

Optimized SK Hynix 24Gbit IC overclocking compatibility.

Change method to optimized memory timings.

tWRPRE = tCWL + tWR + 8

tWRPDEN = tCWL + tWR + 9

tRTP not related with tWR, it defined and caculated by speed bin table with tCK.

tRAS, tRDPRE, tWRPRE, tRDPDEN, tWRPDEN will minus 1 when user use DDR5 and leave auto value and run at 2N mode.





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