11 thoughts on “Test BIOS for Maximus Z790 Apex”

    1. why not use mrc fast boot enable? same method with what you want to keep training value fixed.

          1. But it retrains if you power off though. How does it not clear it since its literally retraining?

          2. My board retrains even though I have MRC fast boot enabled from when power has been cut also. So settings should change.

            1. i’ve verify this morning, settings won’t change when you power off the power supply, even remove power cable. if you think it changed, please provide post code video that i can check it.

              1. It’s not consistent is the issue. Sometimes I’ll do it and it’ll stick, sometimes I’ll do it and it’ll retrain after coming back to over night.

                I’ll try and record it over the next couple days to see if I can catch it and not change my settings.

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