11 thoughts on “Test BIOS for Maximus Z790 Apex”

  1. The VDDR and VDDQ config need to raise up 0.1v to get stable compared to 0088 bios. Is it normal?

    1. 0812 is official bios, 0096 for those who want to test.
      0096 update will include in 09xx official bios.

  2. apex 0088’s ME fw is and now
    apex 0096’s ME fw is makes no sense to me

    1. 0078 0088 0096 best ME is 2091 ver.
      but now official ME update tool not ready to release, so use old ME still fine for test.

    1. 2020 fine for this, ME 2091 will release when ASUS website release new 09xx version. before ASUS release, don’t update via 3rd party tool, it might have unpredictable issue.

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