2 thoughts on “Beta BIOS for Maximus Z790 Apex”

  1. Some strange things about 0810,0809

    You can clearly see alot error messages in the Windows Event Viewer
    WHEA Logger No: 17
    After multiple investigations, it was found that the incident was related to PCIE energy conservation. Many people in mainland China had described the problem in the public media(BILIBILI), and subsequently it was solved by upgrading the bios.
    Advanced – Platform Other Settings
    PCI Express native power management -enable to disabled(When disabled, the event disappears)
    But the INTEL Extreme tuning utility fails the memory pressure test.

    Bianbao dalao could you please carefully investigate whether it is relevant?
    Thank you so much

    1. it’s not related to memory and PCIe power management or BIOS update.
      WHEA 17 error in raptor lake platform does not impact performance, it’s just device initial error cause this error log.
      that’s intel known issue and no plan to fix.

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