5 thoughts on “Test BIOS for Maximus Z790 Apex”

  1. satinghostrider

    0084 bios on stock settings on 13900k doesn’t allow TVB on 2 best cores to 5.8Ghz. All the P-cores are fixed at 5.5ghz with no 2 cores going to 5.8ghz under little to no load. Pls check.

  2. Hi i updated from 0033 to 0084 and when I load saved Bios profile from USB it doesn’t work per usual. BCLK UCLK and ram settings are blank along with some voltages. Reflashed 0033 and loaded same profile and worked perfectly with all saved settings loaded successfully. Thanks for your hard work!

    1. bios profile can’t 100% work when bios have huge change, that’s normal behavior. because bios item have change and can’t fit it well.

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