How to change Q-code to precision temperature

For model that equip q-code only.

when system boot into OS, the q-code will change from post code to real time cpu temperature, if you want keep post code not the cpu temperature, you can switch it in the bios setup (Advanced\ Onboard Devices Configuration)\ Q-Code LED Function from auto to post code only.

and asus bios temperature monitor have two cpu temperature, CPU Temperature is more like Tcase temperature, calculated from CPU, CPU Package Temperature is more like Tjunction temperature, more precise.

so you can change Q-Fan Configuration CPU Fan Q-Fan Source to switch Q-code funciton to display with CPU temperature or CPU package temperature.

6 thoughts on “How to change Q-code to precision temperature”

  1. Is the Q-CODE LED by any chance RGB? Would be nice to change it to other colors as RED personally annoys me.

    Also, can you make the board not reboot if you enter bios and exit without changing any settings?

    1. q-code only have fixed color, white, blue, red or maybe yellow or green.

      boot into bios and exit without change any thing should not reboot. only when you press f10, that will reboot.

      1. Sorry I mean the qcode display that’s always RED. Any chance we can change the color from red to say white?

        1. No, color can’t adjust. because q-code hardware only built-in red color, it can’t operate to another color by software.

  2. A option to invesse the Qcode LED number would be awsome, some of us run inverted ATX cases or systems

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