Test BIOS for Maximus Z790 Apex

BIOS Ver. 0077

remove XMP Tweaked option from Z790 APEX, due to XMP I same as XMP Tweaked.

restore XMP II to JEDEC standard. for best performance please use XMP I, XMP II only use for memory compatibility debug.



4 thoughts on “Test BIOS for Maximus Z790 Apex”

  1. Making XMP II JEDEC standard is just absurd.

    just do as AKGIS suggests..
    Auto( JEDEC standard) or just call it standard or somthing …
    XMP (dimm xmp profile)
    XMP Tweaked (DIMP XMP profile + Asus timings tweak)
    Manual (User configuration)

  2. If XMPII is JEDEC standard, why not call it that or leave the jedec standard for the Auto option

    You know that for the uninformed user, XMP II > XMP I its natural that a 2 be better than 1.

    I propose.

    Auto( JEDEC standard)
    XMP (DIMM XMP profile)
    XMP Asus Tweaked(DIMP XMP profile + Asus timings tweak)
    Manual (User configuration)

    Also please explain what Maximus Tweak 1 and 2 do in the memory timings menu.

    1. cause that’s XMP settings different, not the jedec.

      maximus tweak is training path and timings optimized different.

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