7 thoughts on “Test BIOS for Maximus Z790 Apex”

  1. Please excuse this, Armoury crape had its settings reset and was overwriting the Bios settings which was abit wierd tbh, Bios option should take precedence in my opinion

    The shutdown effect which is rainbow aura rgb on the Z790 Apex is the default setting once armoury crate is installed, if one sets Stealth mode armoury sets to Aura Only, if one sets Aura off, armoury sets All on in bios.

    1. confused to me.
      what BIOS light you set? and what armoury light you set?
      armoury light will apply when enter OS and load up the armoury services, if you enter BIOS, that might use BIOS setting first.

  2. Does this fix the “Aura Off” in integrated devices not being saved? No mater what I put the aura is always On even sleep or shutdown. And the setting is always reverted to the default All On

    I started to get this on last special bios 9901

  3. I have noticed that the ASUS official site has downgraded the MEI firmware to

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