7 thoughts on “Beta BIOS For Maximus Z790 Apex”

  1. Does this fix anything in relation to the PLL term bug? I.E If you don’t set CPU standby and PLL term to the same, you’ll get random 00 post codes when booting sometimes. Currently to avoid 00, I set CPU standby, PLL term and their boot voltages (2 in digi vrm, 2 in tweakers paradise) to avoid the 00 issue. It’s existed since z690 Asus boards.

  2. Bianbao,

    Thank you for your work on the Z790 APEX BIOS. I’ve been running with 0903 with great success since receiving my new Asus Z790 APEX and 13900ks components. What kind of bug fixes were there from 0903 to 0904? I’ll update to 0904 after work today. Thank you!

  3. i have a strange behavior – when i do 8000mhz i can use 1.5v-1.6v vdd and vddq but as soon as i go to 8400mhz i get error code 26 and after a few minutes then error code 28 with 1.6v . as soon as i lower the voltage at 8400mhz to ~1.55v it boots up

    1. that’s normal behavior, you push too much voltage to IC, and IC can’t operate it so returen error code 26 and 28.

      1. but with 8000mhz the 1.6v also work ? so why not at 8400mhz … this makes no sense for me

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